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In our recent SME Data Breach study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, we asked:

Q5a. Has your company ever experienced bank, checking or credit card fraud on its accounts?

Yes: 86% No: 10% Unsure: 4%
Credit Profiles provided by:

Business Identity Monitoring & Alerts

This important benefit provides you proactive business identity monitoring tools. Our pioneering Business Identity (Cyber) Monitoring, Report and Alerts will continuously monitor your data profile / data elements for changes. When changes do occur, an alert will be sent to you by email. Activation is required and following a few 'clicks', you will be able to see your Cyber Profile report instantly from within our Customer Center. 

Business Identity Monitoring
Our Business Identity Monitoring provides surveillance technology that scans the internet, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other nefarious sources, while seeking out your Business Identifying Information or "BII". When we locate your information, you are sent an alert and are instructed to contact us for mitigation support and resolution. Being proactive and attempting to stop criminals before they use your BII for fraudulent activity is important and worthwhile.

Business Credit Monitoring, Profile and Scores (Not Included) - Optional Discounts
Reviewing your business credit profile for accuracy and monitoring it for change is important as you may not know you are a victim of fraud unless you review your profile. Additionally, your ability to review and correct inaccuracies can improve your business credit score, which is often used by lenders, partners and suppliers to gauge your business health. You can purchase these products and services right now via the links on this page or obtain discounts on these products from within our Customer Center (up to 50% discount on monitoring) where we will also provide links and options for triple credit scores and more. The programs can vary in price and value significantly depending on how many of your customers you wish to monitor (to gauge/monitor their business credit health) or if you plan to monitor just your own business credit profile. Therefore, be mindful of the volume subscription program options.

More Details
Your Business Credit Advantage business profile and monitoring is provided in partnership with Experian and includes all of the following, as applicable to your business:

  Business Credit AdvantageSM
and Monitoring(1)
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Fictitious Business Name Included
Key Facts Included
Corporate Registration Included
Credit Summary Included
Banking, Insurance, Leasing Included
Payment Summary Included
Collections Summary Included
Judgments Included
Tax Liens Included
Bankruptcies Included
Credit Ranking Score Included
Collections Detail Included
Payment Detail Included
Inquiries Included
UCC Detail Included
Corporate Financial Information Included
Alert Emails on Derogatory Events Included
3-Month Score Trend Included
Unlimited access to your report Included
Industry benchmark report add-on Included


1. Experian will deliver its most comprehensive report under this plan.