#1 Threat is Ransomware - What is ransomware and how do I defend against it? 

Ransomware is a type of malware used by criminals to encrypt your data rendering it unusable. Since you need your data and software to run your business, you'll likely be willing to pay a ransom to the criminals to get your data back, that is, if you have no other choice. Ransomware is an absolute epidemic with the malware and attacks spreading exponentially worldwide, in part, because malware and trojan viruses are easily spread by email (when someone clicks a simple link in a phishing email) and ransom payments being made via BITCOIN, which is essentially untraceable.
To best guard against ransomware attacks, implement these 5 key steps to avoid the need to do business with the criminals. Namely: a) Backup your data, ideally into the cloud in real time. This can be supported by having a simple secured backup drive in the office - not connected to the network and therefore exposed to malware. Follow the 3-2-1 Data Backup principle; b) Anti-malware, firewall and anti-Adware software to better prevent phishing and trojan type attacks from reaching you and your employees; c) Education - No one in your office should click on ANY email links that are from unsolicited/unknown sources - Because the stakes are so high, consider having consequences if they do; d) Keep your computers updated with the latest patches. 98% of all successful attacks occur from vulnerabilities that are more than six months old!!; e) Test your ability to restore from your backup - Unless you test the process, you are not ready to address the ransomware threat. Literally, on a moments notice, you need to be able to restore your computer operations or, be prepared to suffer. As an important addition to the above, use multi-factor authentication (e.g. 2-Factor) on any/all i) remote desktop access and ii) online email and cloud access.
Certainly, work with your I.T. professional to make sure all of the above are in place and tested. We've had too many instances whereby our clients have had backup that actually did not work as intended, thus resulting in significant loss. Let's ensure you are able to succeed in the face of this very real threat.

I've had a data breach, who do I call?

Please contact BIZLock Insurance Services at 1-844-432-LOCK (844-432-5625) immediately. As a full service provider of breach response services, we will review your case and activate your program and benefit options. While we have the expertise and capacity to handle the largest known breach cases (100 million records or more), our ability to respond personally and professionally to small breach case needs is unrivaled. 

Are all of my employees covered? What details do you need?
Depending on your program selection, yes, all full time (FT) employees have an automatic identity protection employee benefit that includes $15,000 of identity insurance and unlimited fraud victim resolution services for simple or complex cases. This is an excellent and timely employee benefit and may justify your purchase all by itself. Simply maintain employee records to help evidence that employees are truly and actively employed. We do not need any personal details in advance to provide protection benefits, rather employees simply need to call when an incident occurs and reference their employer. And, of course, we will need evidence of their employment before paying any claims.  

How are your programs made so affordable?
Each of our programs is very affordable or “optimized” primarily due to a) our proprietary online platform, insurance infrastructure and professional insurance licenses that allow us to optimize delivery in all states, b) over 20 years of dedicated identity crime risk management and original product development, and c) providing comprehensive protection in a single "optimized" package, allowing for maximum cost savings. For clients that desire upgrades and customization, options and discounts are located in the Customer Center.

When I make my purchase, will I be compliant with privacy laws?

Not necessarily. There are many aspects to compliance and different state, federal and industry specific compliance obligations. However, the tools we provide can help lead you to becoming compliant. For example, assessments, written policies, online education, incident response / consumer notification, victim assistance and access to technology like our internal vulnerability scans, can each play an important role. Having three types of specialized data theft insurance in place is simply smart, but not currently a legal requirement. However, some states and many contractual provisions are now mandating that companies have cyber insurance as part of best practices.

Are we required to complete the security assessment / protocol provided for insurance to apply?

No. Every business has an incentive to mitigate risks to better avoid the prospects of a devastating loss. While we encourage immediate use of the tools we provide in our Information Security Module, they are not mandatory for insurance. Similar items, however, in many cases are mandated by state law and/or industry requirements.
Do you provide information technology services?

Yes, but not usually directly. Rather, we have partners that provide I.T. services for a fee. Computer security and properly managing information technology is complex and critical. We strongly encourage having an I.T. professional accessible to build, maintain and monitor this dynamic area. In our opinion, the risks and complexities are simply too vast to ignore the services of a specialist. Seek a local specialist or contact our team for more details.
When do the insurance coverages take effect?

Our programs provide specialized types of insurance that become effective following your successful application and transaction online. While the coverages may be immediate, they do not necessasrily cover claims or incidents that occurred prior to activation, especially incidents that are known or should have been know. Each policy has its own terms, conditions and exclusions that should be reviewed before you purchase (see our customer agreement for details) or immediately following your transaction. We provide additional insurance related FAQs in our Customer Center and encourage you to speak with your insurance professional and/or have your broker contact us.

Where can I learn more details on Identity Fraud, Inc. and BIZLock Insurance Services?

Please refer to our primary URL at www.identityfraud.com for more company information and consumer related education and solutions. In summary, Identity Fraud, Inc. ("IFI") is an insurance intermediary and cyber insurance program administrator operating in all states. As an original designer and provider of identity protection solutions that began in 1997, we uniquely provide solutions separately to consumers and businesses. IFI works with leading banks, credit unions, insurance brokers, insurance companies and associations to provide our specialized solutions to their members and clients.