Business Identity Fraud Insurance

A small business can take years to build and only moments to destroy. Your business deserves protection.

"If only your program would have been available when I suffered total business ID theft. Not only did I lose my company's identity, but my clients' web ID's were stolen as well - all by a formerly trusted associate. The loss was irreparable in terms of time, money and my integrity with clients." Margot Teleki, CEO, CopyWrite Marketing Group

In our SME Ponemon Study, 77% of respondent's had experienced a robbery or burglary. Personal and business data is increasingly the asset being stolen.

Business Identity Fraud Insurance

We are pleased to have created the industry’s first stand-alone, admitted insurance policy to protect your business identity. Every business has a name, financial accounts, business identification and other related business identifying information or “BII”. Business Identity Fraud Insurance is intended to protect every small business from the crime of business identity fraud or theft, which occurs when BII is used without your authority to commit, aid, or abet any unlawful activity.

Your business identity is a valuable asset that deserves protection. With selected programs, you obtain Business Identity Fraud Insurance (Expense Reimbursement Policy) to cover certain expenses you incur as a result of business identity fraud or theft.

*For incidents arising from identity fraud, summary details include coverage for:

  • Professional Fees. Reasonable fees for:
    • Defense of lawsuits or criminal allegations
    • The removal of any civil or criminal judgments
    • Contesting the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information or records containing your business information
    • Research, investigations and/or consulting services that assist or enable resolution
  • Lost Wages
  • Miscellaneous Expenses. Reasonable costs incurred for:
    • Communications with Institutions
    • Client Communications
    • Business Records Review
    • Business Records Monitoring
    • Travel

Coverage is provided by an admitted A-rated insurer in all states  (except two, where it is available on a non-admitted basis) and includes a $50,000 annual limit of insurance and $100.00 deductible. 

*Please Note: The above information provides summary details only. Certain terms, limitations and exclusions apply. Upon your purchase, please read your policy carefully. If you have questions, please contact us or your insurance agent or broker.