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Human Resources Module

Is employee information security education required by your State and/or industry? Increasingly, information security education is a state mandate and your compliance is required. However, regardless of whether or not a mandate exists, employee education is simply smart. Consider the following from a recent study by the Ponemon Institute:

  • 66% of data protection leaders admit that employees are their weakest link in their enterprise security
  • 55% of organizations have had a security incident or data breach resulting from a malicious or negligent employee
  • 60% of respondents believe employees lack adequate knowledge of cyber risks. 

Employee education remains critical in the fight agaist cybercrimes. Employees are your front line of defense against fraud and cybercrimes Hiring the right individuals and building a culture that is aware and sensitive to the importance of privacy and security of data and other company assets is worth the investment. By evidencing your action steps and tracking results, you can further your loss prevention efforts and may satisfy compliance requirements.

Depending on your purchase selection, our programs include:

  • Pre-employment Screening Online Education Modules
  • Employee/Manager/Owner Online Education Modules
  • Background Verification Services

(Please Note: The Human Resource Module is a component of the Risk Mitigation Benefits, for example, the Platinum Level, which may be combined with other benefits and breach expense protection)

More Human Resource Module benefit details include: 

Pre-employment Screening Education Modules (Unlimited)

When applicants apply for new position at your organization, you may elect to have them not only complete an application and provide a resume, but also have them take a short quiz about information security and privacy. Their score might differentiate them from other candidates and the mere fact that they take the quiz demonstrates further interest in the position.

Make potential employees show their commitment to your business. Have every one of them complete the Information Security Education Modules for Applicants. There is no extra cost. You can then review the results and make a more informed hiring decision. In the event they do not participate in the education modules, you can save a vast amount of time that would otherwise be spent reviewing their resume(s). 

Employee Online Education Modules (Unlimited)

Our programs include unlimited access to our education modules that focus on privacy, security and identity theft. Applicants, employees and managers each have separate levels of modules.

You, as the owner/manager have administration rights, while individuals can self-enroll based on unique access codes specific to your small business. The codes are located in our Customer Center.  

Certainly, education is important. It is the foundation of loss prevention efforts and helps set the stage for effective operations and growth. Because the education program evidences activity and results on each individual, the education platform may be used for compliance, Red Flags compliance (depending on your requirements), and employee development. 

Individuals that achieve a score of 70% or more obtain our Certificate of Completion. 

Online education is effective. Start your program today.

Background Verification Services

Who has the keys to your small business? Quality employment background screening services consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are accessible, at preferred pricing. Through multiple ordering and delivery methodologies, including industry-leading Web-based technology, we offer easy-to-use tools for managing your background screening data. Most importantly, experts can package a solution tailored to your small business company’s needs from the following services, designing a program to improve your hiring process and results.

Pricing varies based on the type of report and starts at only $5.00. Advanced drug screening is more.

Customize your order based on your needs. Categories include: 


A database search is conducted with one of the major credit bureaus. Reported information may include name or names associated with the social security number, current address, employers, and previous addresses.


A search of court records is conducted at the county level. Jurisdictions searched are determined by the employment application, social security number report, or as designated by the client. Reported information includes court, case number, date filed, charges, conviction date, and disposition.


A database search of more than 150 million criminal records from across the United States is performed, supplementing other criminal records checks to improve the effectiveness of your program. Multiple data sources are searched, including Departments of Corrections, State Court Administrations, State Law Enforcement Agencies, Traffic Courts, State and County Criminal Record Repositories, and Prison Parole and Release Files. Results are available within minutes when ordered via our Web interface.


A search of court records is conducted in federal judicial districts. Jurisdictions searched include those associated with the subject’s current and previous residences. Reported information includes court, case number, date filed, charges, conviction date, and disposition.


A search of court records is conducted within the residence state. Other states may also be requested. Reported information includes court, case number, date filed, charges, conviction date, and disposition.


A search of upper civil records in the jurisdiction of the subject’s current residence is conducted. Other states may also be requested. Reported information includes court, case number, date filed, complaint, plaintiff, defendant, date of disposition, and disposition.


A search of civil records in appropriate jurisdictions is conducted. Jurisdictions searched include those associated with the subject’s current and previous residences as provided. Reported information includes court, comments, case number, date filed, complaint, plaintiff, defendant, date of disposition, and disposition.


Former employment is investigated to include dates of employment and position held, and may include wages earned, attendance records, eligibility for rehire, and reason for leaving/termination.


Provided educational institutions are contacted to determine the highest degree or certificate earned, with other degrees verified upon request. Confirmation of dates of attendance, class ranking, and GPA is attempted in all cases. Transcripts are also obtained upon request.


Motor vehicle records solutions offer fast access to motor vehicle records across the nation. Reported information includes infractions, disciplinary actions, issue date, expiration date, status, and restrictions.


A summary is provided of the subject’s credit history as reported by any one of the major credit bureaus. All tax liens, judgments, and civil suits will be reported if noted on the credit report.


Supplied references are asked an agreed upon, predetermined list of questions.


A database search is conducted in the appropriate jurisdiction to report if any bankruptcies, tax liens, or judgments are on file for the subject. Reported information includes date filed, case number, type, assets, and liabilities.


License verification is conducted with the appropriate regulatory body. Validity and currency of the claimed license is reported, as well as any pending disciplinary actions.


A database search is conducted, reporting if the applicant is subject to various economic-sanctioned programs administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, such as specially designated nationals, terrorists, narcotics traffickers, and blocked persons and vessels.


You may obtain background screening services in over 65 countries. Worldwide searches generally include criminal, employment and education verification, although offerings may vary by country.

Reported information for all services depends on the availability, accuracy, and completeness of the source.

*Prior to placing an order, your small business must be approved. There is a one-time $130.00 fee charged by investigators who will visit your business and authorize your access, as appropriate.