Information Security Module

In our recent SME Survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute, we asked:

Q14. What do you see as emerging data security threats that may affect your company's ability to secure confidential data over the next 12-24 months?

Category - Loss or theft of a laptop or other mobile data device...USB

28%, likely to occur; plus 65% very likely to occur.

Information Security Module

At the core of your small business is your name and your data. This information is accessible in the physical world (paper) and computer/digital world. Today’s USB thumb-drives can likely store most of your sensitive data, which presents one significant vulnerability. That’s why some of our clients do not allow the use of portable storage devices in the workplace.

To support your information security, we provide our guides, templates and self assessments for your unlimited use. We understand that information security is complex and that some companies are just beginning their information security efforts, while others are more mature. That’s why we provide our self assessment protocols in three distinct levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Because not all businesses have the same exposures or experience, our protocols are designed to add value and meet your specific level of need. 

  • Advanced Protocol - The Advanced Protocol is used by experts who provide services to certain insurers helping them determine the computer and data exposures and related insurability of major corporations. We’ve narrowed this protocol down to an Intermediate and Beginner level to allow you to leverage the appropriate tools for your small business.

With our programs, you will have tools that are based on real risk experiences gained from years of providing risk assessments. In our Customer Center, you will find an appropriate level and important protocol that will help you manage and mitigate your information security risks.

Additionally, important small business policy templates (10) based on ISO standards are provided for your use and customization to meet your specific environmental and operational needs. For example, every small business should have a written information security policy for both improved risk management and compliance purposes.  

(Please note: The Information Security Module is a component of our Risk Mitigation Benefits, for example, the Platinum Level, which may be combined with other benefits and breach expense protection)