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Why Do You Need Aon CyberBusinessPro?

Real Claim Examples

  • Malicious hacking of a system shutting down computer systems for an extended period of time resulting in loss of income and extra expenses
  • A disgruntled employee spreads a virus into a computer system destroying data (and backup sources) resulting in expenses to investigate and recreate data
  • Teenage hacker sabotages data network with Crypto-Locker type malware, and demands an extortion fee of $50,000 to unlock your own data
  • Extortion demands of $25,000 to prevent your sensitive customer data from being released on the internet, to identity thieves and the general public
  • Lost laptop containing sensitive personal information of customers results in a data breach requiring investigation, notification and credit monitoring expenses
  • Customer data is breached, class action lawsuit filed. Duty to defend policy responds

Real Coverage

Aon CyberBusinessPro delivers three essential components that help you prevent, protect and respond to cyber incidents. Resources and insurance is provided for the following:

  • HR, Information Security and Information Technology Modules for optimizing proactive protection
  • Third Party Liability Insurance Coverage and Defense
  • Regulatory Fines & Penalties
  • PCI Fines and Penalties
  • Cyber Extortion (e.g. Ransomware)
  • Business Identity Insurance & Monitoring (PRO Version)
  • Automatic employee identity protection
  • eNetwork Business Interruption
  • Data Reconstruction
  • Media / Website Liability
  • Breach response mitigation expenses for forensic investigations, legal, breach notifications, identity monitoring and more...
"We built Aon CyberBusinessPro to deliver the peace of mind, resources and insurance protection you need to reinforce your prudence and to help ensure you survive a cyber incident."

Tom Widman, Founder, CEO

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1* Symantec
2* Poneman Data Theft Risk Management Survey

Aon CyberBusinessPro℠ is a service mark of Aon Corporation. BIZLOCK Insurance Services is the exclusive administrator. Coverage is not available in NY.
This document provides summary information only. Insurance coverage is subject to specific terms, limitations and exclusions, and may not be available in all states. Liability insurance is provided pursuant to your active membership in the Data Theft Risk Purchasing Group (RPG), a purchasing group formed and operating pursuant to the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 (15 USC 3901 et seq.) Please note that there is a nominal fee of $1.00 per term for the RPG that is allocated to the RPG by the program administrator, BIZLOCK Insurance Services, from the proceeds of your purchase.
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