Data theft is hard to stop.
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Business Cybercrime Protection with Monitoring, Alerts, Insurance and Resolution

BIZLock Identity Protection 

IFI's BIZLock Identity Protection is the nation's ONLY product of its kind. It provides comprehensive and cost effective business identity protection provided to businesses with less than $10MM in revenue and less than 51 FTE. It provides important proactive business cyber monitoring tools, the nation's only stand-alone (admitted) business identity insurance policy, and the ever important IFI fraud resolution team. IFI is a pioneer and original provider of consumer identity protection, which dates back to 1997. We are proud to be the first company to bring similar solutions to small businesses, where the individual risks and implications of the theft of business identifying information (BII) are significantly greater and more complex than the risks of consumer identity fraud. Our BIZlock Identity Protection is timely and unparalleled.

To enroll, simply click into the product/price (e.g. $299.00 Year) indicated below based on your employee size. Upon your acceptance, your protection and insurance policies begin instantly, while inside our Customer Center you can activate the monitoring tools, view reports and more. For more information, see our More Details below or Contact Us.

What Size is the Organization?
How to Calculate Organization Size (FTE = # Full time employees + # part time & independent contractor current weekly hours / 35)

For our programs and underwriting purposes only, calculate your full-time and full-time equivalent (FTE) part-time employees and independent contractors based on a 35-hour work week and as follows:

Full Time Workers + Part Time and Independent Contractor Weekly Hours / 35

  1. Full time employees are employees working a minimum of 35 hours per week
  2. To calculate the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) part-time employees, take the total number of part time worker weekly hours together with the total number of independent contractor weekly hours and divide by 35
  3. The total number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees is the number of full-time employees plus the number of FTE part-time employees and independent contractors
  4. Please do not include volunteers in your calculations


Curtis and Sue are salaried (exempt) employees working full time.

They employ six part-time employees working various hours, which total 90 hours each week.

They also employ three independent contractors working various hours, which total 50 hours each week.

The number of full time employees is: 2

The number of FTE part-time employees and independent contractors is: 150 hours/35 hours per week = 4.29 (rounded down to 4)

Their total number of FTE employees is 2 + 4 = 6.

Their program selection should be based on the 5-10 employee size category.

Please note: Please select the employee size category that is accurate at the time of your application and enrollment. We acknowledge that your employee size may increase (or decrease) during the course of the year. Such changes will not affect your program selection and we do not need to monitor the changes until each subsequent year when you re-apply to renew your program.

Prices/Purchase (for companies with less than 51 FTE employees) To purchase, simply click on one of the price options below.
Programs based on # Employees (FT/PT) 0-25 26-50
+BIZLock Identity Protection

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BIZLock Identity Protection
Business Identity Monitoring & Alerts
Business Identity (Cyber) Monitoring and Report to proactively monitor business identifying information for potential fraud


Business Identity Fraud Insurance
Provides expense reimbursement to protect against the abuse and fraudulent use of sensitive Business Identity Information or BII


Employee Personal Identity Insurance
Automatic protection for all FT staff up to 50 employees

Limit (CEO/Owner Only)

VRS Elite Victim Resolution
24/7 access to FCRA certified team for case resolution of simple or complex cases, whether you, your employees, your business loses data or becomes a victim of identity fraud

VRS provided for Business and CEO only

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Protect Your Organization

22% of small and medium enterprises have already suffered
from a data breach;
Over 75% have been burglarized;
63% have had an employee steal money or assets;
50% have no written policies or protection plans;
Most believe that the ability to convey data security/trust - or an insured status - would improve performance;

It's 2017 and time to protect your organization from
data privacy, security and business identity fraud risks!

Identity Crime Prevention: Verified Practices

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"If only your product would have been available when I suffered total business ID theft—My loss was irreparable in terms of time, money and my integrity with clients."
Margot W. Teleki, CEO CopyWrite Marketing Group LLC