Employee (Personal) Identity Fraud Insurance

Select programs include protection for all employees, for any type of identity fraud, simple or complex. 

According to our our SME Ponemon Study, 51% of respondents have had their sensitive personal information stolen.

There are nearly 10 million victims of personal identity fraud in the US each year with an overall cost estimated at $50 billion. (Javelin Strategy & Research)

Employee (Personal) Identity Fraud Insurance

Every  employee and owner has their own identity that deserves protection. Depending on your program selection, we provide automatic identity protection by virtue of your automatic enrollment in the IFI Identity Protection Plan that covers each employee and the owner. Identity protection is a timely benefit and simple for Identity Fraud, Inc. to include. One of the benefits in the Identity Protection Plan is identity insurance.

While Identity Fraud, Inc. was one of the original creators of personal identity protection dating back to 1997, today there are various products and offerings in the marketplace and some have credibility. From a small business perspective, it is beneficial to minimize costs while ensuring that your employees are productive, that they are attentive to their work and that they are available to work. When employees are victims of identity fraud, they are distracted and typically not productive while they attempt to resolve their own case, whether from work or at home.

Identity insurance is appropriate to mitigate the expenses associated with correcting identity fraud. When combined with our VRS Elite prevention and resolution services, it provides excellent protection and represents an excellent employee benefit, often times eliminating the need for expensive retail identity protection products.

Our programs include identity insurance having a $15,000 limit per employee and $0 deductible. They are insured by A rated insurers.

Upon your purchase, please visit our Customer Center to download our employee brochures, and to read the terms, limitations and exclusions of the policy.

Please Note: Identity insurance is now available and provided to residents of New York. Your purchase will now include identity insurance for you and/or your employees if you are domiciled in New York. Terms and conditions may vary by state.