Victim Resolution Services

Working on identity fraud cases is a serious matter. Our staff are personal, diligent and professional. All of our staff are FCRA certified and reside locally, in the USA.


Victim Resolution Services

Identity fraud victimizes roughly 10 million people each year (Javelin Research). The ability to easily steal and abuse information remains a primary influence on the frequency of fraud and fuels the need to better combat fraud on all levels.

Similar to our Incident Response Remedies, when identity fraud occurs, having immediate access to resolution experts will help save valuable time, money and frustration. Depending on your program selection, you have three different but related resolution services. They include:

  • Employee – If you or any of your employees become individual victims of identity fraud or identity theft, they have access to our FCRA certified resolution team where we provide our VRS Elite Unlimited resolution services
  • Customers – In the event of a data breach, your customers may have access to our VRS Elite Services
  • Business Name / Cases of Business Identity Fraud

It doesn’t matter if your case is simple or complex, our expert team is a simple phone call away.